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Population conspiracy

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Billionaires meet in New York to plot population reduction strategy…

World's poor targeted for population reduction…

Help the Friday Fax track and expose this new population conspiracy…

May 27, 2009
Dear Reader of the Friday Fax,

A cabal of the world's richest men and women just met in New York City. The meeting included multi-billionaires David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Warren Buffet.

The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate their charitable giving. That sounds wonderful doesn't it? Until you hear what they agreed on.

They agreed that the world's number one problem is that there are too many poor people. That's nice, too. There are too many poor people. And what is their solution?
These fabulously wealthy people with their grand houses, private jets, yachts and lavish lifestyles decided to pool their massive resources and declare war on the world's poor by spending billions of dollars on population control!

This group met a few days ago in New York and call themselves, get this, The Good Club!

This is a veritable rogues gallery of anti-life and anti-family plutocrats. Ted Turner is a long time supporter of forcing poor countries to support abortion and population control. David Rockefeller is one of the founders of the modern population control movement and through his Rockefeller Foundation has paid billions for it.
And these guys are not just for population control;
They are also anti-Christian!
The Rockefeller Foundation is one of the big funders of the anti-Catholic anti-life groups that calls itself Catholics for Choice. Ted Turner gave a speech at the UN several years ago in which he attacked his childhood Christianity and was given a standing ovation for doing so!

There is a massive resurgence of population control activity.

Just a few weeks ago, we reported in our Friday Fax that the UN just issued a new report calling for increased spending to reduce the fertility rate (that is UN-speak for population control) in the developing world!

I will put aside the question of whether these guys have gotten the news that the big population problem in the world today is not rapidly growing populations but rather the "graying of the population" precisely because of UN style population control programs.

I bring this to your attention because as there is renewed spending on these issues and that the UN is back into the population control business so much that there is a profound need for the continuing health of C-FAM's Friday Fax…

The Friday Fax broke the story on the new UN report!

We got there first because we are at the UN every single day.

Our office is a mere 50 feet from UN headquarters.

No other group is as positioned as C-FAM and our Friday Fax to track and expose this new population conspiracy.

And we need your help.

The Friday Fax is the only weekly source of pro-life and pro-family news coming out of UN headquarters. We are the ONLY ONE. Other news outlets run our stories. And we are glad they do because we want our information read all over the world. But, we are the only one doing this kind of weekly reporting. If the Friday Fax went out of business, there would be a huge hole in the international pro-life movement.

The Friday Fax has grown to 200,000 subscribers with a readership of twice that. The Friday Fax is read in foxholes in Afghanistan and by anti-life bureaucrats at UN headquarters. Housewives in Buenos Ares and corporate chiefs in Munich read the Friday Fax. The Friday Fax is read by college students in Kenya and by Members of the European Parliament.

The Friday Fax has virtually invented UN pro-life reporting.

But the Friday Fax needs your helps and we need it right now.

We are in the final week of our six-week fundraising drive that will or won't cover our rather steep budget.

The Friday Fax is not free. It costs upwards of $177,000 to produce the Friday Fax each year. This includes parts the salaries of three reporters who are experts on UN anti-life activity. This includes office space in New York (a windowless office, too!). This includes printing and postage for our regular mail edition (not everyone has a computer). This includes skyrocketing costs related to sending out up to one million Friday Fax emails a month (emailing is NOT free when you send out as many as we do).

he need is great. The UN and the billionaire boys club will not stop. They will not stop until abortion is the law of the world. They will not stop until they have imposed population control on every single man, woman and child in the world.

Standing almost alone is the Friday Fax (I say almost because we do have many very good friends and allies that we work with).

The Friday Fax must be saved and it must expand!

Please go HERE and give as much as you can. I must raise $20,000 in the next seven days to meet out goal. Please go HERE right now and give as much as you can.

When you click HERE you will be given instructions on how to give. You can give online using our totally secure server, or you can send us a check or cash, or you can set up a wire transfer. There are many ways to give.

But please go HERE right now and give.

We cannot allow David Rockefeller, George Soros and Ted Turner along with the UN to target poor counties. We cannot allow them to spread abortion around the world.

We can stop them but it starts with information and that means the Friday Fax.

Please go HERE right now and give.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Editor/Friday Fax

Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute
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World population trend actual due to a Total Fertility Rate below 2.2

page 240 du livre: " Europe: l'hiver démographique" qui en parlait déjà en 1989. ( Edition l'age d'homme, Lausanne et Paris )

Les courbes de population utilisées qui y étaient utilisées était notamment celles de Jean Bourgeois Pichat.

Ces graphiques mis en conclusion du livre démontrait que si aucune réaction sérieuse n'intervenait, nous aurions un maximum de population vers 8 milliards autour de 2040 puis l'effondrement d'une population vieillie retombant en 2100 bien en dessous du niveau actuel. En vérité nous devons faire face aux deux problèmes à la fois et, sur le plan écologique, aboutir à de vrais efforts en matière de respect de la nature, de lutte contre les gaspillages, d'éducation des populations.

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