vendredi 3 octobre 2008

A BATTLE WON in Switzerland against RFID !!!!

A BATTLE WON in Switzerland against RFID abuses !!!!

First Referendum in the world against RFID abuses.


While you have to keep up the pressure on your congressmen to make them listen to the people and the voice of sanity (Ron Paul), it may raise your spirits to hear the Swiss 'Freiheitskampagne' has managed even to top the neccessary quorum for a referendum on the Swiss Bill on new "enhanced" identity cards and passports. I just received an email by Roger/swisstiger telling the German supporters the initiative managed to deliver today around 55.000 certified signatures to the 'Bundeskanzlei. He acknowledged all the support he got and you might like this part of this message (my translation of the German text):

"This is the first internet referendum in Switzerland and we can proudly state, the first grassroots movement in Switzerland! Our acknowledgement and admiration goes to Ron Paul and the revolution. Without him we won't have that referendum, the comrade-in-arms for this struggle would have never met and without the Ron Paul Revolution we would never got the experience to build up that project"


It's late, and I know you are (and should be) busy contacting your representatives and senators.

But since these Swiss friends of liberty are very close to reaching the quorum of 50.000 and Roger/swisstiger is a proven supporter of the rEVOLution, I dare to remind you to contact any Swiss citizen you happen to know to sign the petion for a (legally binding under Swiss law) referendum against a Bill to force Swiss citizens to give their biometric data for new identity cards and passports. In addition the documents shall contain an RFID-chip.
Deadline is the 02nd of October, but since the signatures have to be certified it needs immediate action on next Monday.

Here again is my thread introducing this campaign
and here is their officail webside

Switzerland is currently under immense pressure to comply to the NWO. Please help if you can!


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