samedi 27 juin 2009

Secret finance

And Ellen, I do not agree at all with you on Hitler. 

Hitler may have been slightly more financially innovative than Britain. 

By far the most innovative belligerent during the Second World War was the United States.  You won't find this in history books.  It was a quite justifiable war time secret, and was a powerful weapon.  Most economists don't know about it even today. 

The story is still largely suppressed. 

But at the same time that Federal Reserve officials were testifying to Congress that they couldn't do it, the Federal Reserve was purchasing low coupon special issue securities directly from the Treasury Department, in prodigious amounts, bypassing the so-called "open market."  To control inflation, the commercial banks were required at the same time to purchase an equal amount of special issue securities, with various redemption dates into the future, that sopped up the money as it was being spent. 

This is what really prevented inflation, not the vaunted wage and price controls.  The staggered redemption of these securities in the decades after the war fueled postwar American prosperity, and made America the economic leader of the world.


World population trend
exponent. down (sic) versus debts exponent. up

dette du Canada

Any Interest, 1+ i square n years leads to an impossible contract...

[socialcredit] Stop or Set Aside by Eric V. Encina. How to do ? Create local systems now.

Total of US debts in 2008, more than 100 trillions (sic) ...

Population fast collapse already beginning...

i-e, more and more debts on less and less people...

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