dimanche 28 juin 2009

Dividend or royalty?

Social Credit inherited term "dividend" but it confuses. Dividend is a
part of profit and should be deducted from profit. It means that we
first must realize profit (count our productive activity with double
entry accounting paradigm) to could have dividend from it.

But from the SC philosophy what is postulated is not a dividend but a
royalty taken from the organizational structure of society as a whole.
We citizens all are co-authors and transmitters of that organizational
structure and, as co-authors (and probably as "means of exchange"), we
are entitled to royalty, being a percentage of sold production, meaning
GDP. We allow that production to happen - sometimes by doing nothing to
stop it, sometimes giving our synergetic add value to the processes.

Royalty is contracted before production happens. How do you estimate
royalty due to you, citizenship?

I estimate it at 1/3 of my GDP. generously speaking 33%.;)

Kristof Levandovski

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