mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Les vaccins tueront plus que la grippe.

En Suède, le vaccin y tue (sic) déjà plus que la grippe.

On verra dans quelques mois si çà s'aggrave..., comme pour les singes et les furets qui sont tous morts du vaccin (re-sic).

Si la grippe est une pandémie, alors d'autant plus le vaccin.

Le vaccin des vaccins, c'est de ne surtout pas les prendre, sauf de très rares exceptionss et sans adjuvants ni surtout de cellules souches humaines.

Le vinaigre suffit.  Vinegar Kills Swine Flu Virus Say German Scientists

En fait la grippe n'est pas une pandémie. Le vaccin le devient par ses effets secondaires souvent dramatiques.

Over 1000 Adverse Reactions to H1N1 Vaccine Since October

H1N1 de niveau 1, le plus bas niveau.

Un prof. de Harward déclare le  H1N1 de niveau 1, le plus bas niveau

"Harvard University infectious disease expert Marc Lipsitch is pegging H1N1's case fatality rate — the proportion of people infected with a disease who die of it — at less than 0.1 per cent, placing human swine flu in a category 1 pandemic, the lowest level of severity for a worldwide disease outbreak.
Unless the virus mutates, and there is no strong sign H1N1 is becoming noticeably different, "it's almost certainly going to be the mildest of the four (pandemics) that we have good data on," says Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health."

Scientists at the Institute of Virology in the Philipps University, Marburg, Germany, have shown that vinegar is able to inactivate the swine flu H1N1 virus.

The researchers found that vinegar essence killed viruses rapidly after performing a series of experiments.

A cupful of vinegar mixed with three cups of water was adequate to disinfect surfaces safety and effectively by wiping, they said.

Vinegar essence costs about 1.19 euro in stores and so is a low cost way of staying protected against any swine flu virus.

Vinegar Kills Swine Flu Virus Say German Scientists

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