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To liberate people from debts

Rougemont, Canada. Economic democracy. Gathering Discusses Breaking Bankers' Hold on World


By Mark Anderson

ROUGEMONT, Quebec, Canada, Sept. 4 – Here at the 70th anniversary of the Congress of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael near Montreal, real monetary reform is being discussed today through Monday, Sept. 7, with representatives from Poland, Argentina, Madagascar, Africa's Ivory Coast and other locales telling attendees that the death grip that private central banks have over nations can and must be broken. "Can" is the operative word, as attendees see it.

To liberate people from this far-reaching, sustained villainy, participants from these nations and from the U.S. and Canada agree that what's called "social credit" is the answer—because it means money would be a societal creation brought into existence debt-free, instead of keeping the ruinous arrangement used for many decades that obligates governments to, in essence, buy money from central banks.


The current bind means that the very lifeblood of economic activity lies in the hands of secretive banking interests to whom all the benefits of money and credit creation flow, resulting in chronic poverty even in nations rich in natural resources. If every other major political problem, plot and scandal are the tentacles of the "octopus" of global control, then central banking is the head and brain.

Social credit, or national credit (which is given others names locally regarding grassroots efforts to test the mechanics of the system and help people learn it) means that grassroots efforts would lead, from the bottom up, toward national policies to make national governments the sovereign in terms of creating money and credit as an extension of the people. Central banks could no longer be the "snake-oil concessionaire" selling currency to nations in exchange for government bonds (which obligates the people to the huge debt created in the exchange).

The social dividend that is part of the social credit proposal would provide the peoples of nations with individual non-welfare income to supplement what they earn working, and the job markets would be liberated from debt and provide much more work anyway, backers say. And something called the compensated discount would ensure both stable prices and sufficient business income.

Notably, to explain more of the key details, this writer will focus on one of the Congress's central participants, former Swiss banker Francois De Siebenthal, who said he turned down overtures to join the shadowy Bilderberg Group and decided to forgo central banking job promotion and advocate real reforms instead. 

De Siebenthal will be on this writer's RBN radio show, When Worlds Collide, live from Canada on Sat., Sept. 5 starting at 7 p.m. central (8 p.m. eastern). Click here to listen to Mark's show.

"We can start to liberate ourselves and others that have so much violence in their countries," said guest speaker Rodrigo Velasquez during preliminary speeches Friday in preparation for the official start of the Congress on Saturday. Velasquez, whose home is in Colombia, referred to the chronic shortage of purchasing power afflicting the peoples of many nations, which tempts them to plunder rather than work when gainful employment is elusive.


MARK ANDERSON is AFP's corresponding editor and the host of When Worlds Collide on RBN, Saturdays, 7 to 9 p.m. central. For more information email the writer at

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