mardi 2 décembre 2008

A more real democracy. This is now the first European country to extend indefinitely the statute of limitations for paedophile crimes.

Victims of sexual abuse often need a long time before they speak out
Image caption: Victims of sexual abuse often need a long time before they speak out (Glass/mediacolors)
If one victim speaks, many others will follow, many years after the facts, to look for Justice.

Paedophile criminals

In a major surprise, an initiative by a group of parents to extend indefinitely the statute of limitations for paedophile crimes won a majority at the polls.

Fifty-two per cent of voters and a majority of the country's 26 cantons came out in favour of the proposal, despite opposition by the government and most political parties. Only the People's Party backed the initiative group.

It is rare for a people's initiative to pass in a nationwide vote – only 16 out of 169 have been successful since 1891.

The supporters of the latest proposal said sexual abuse of minors is often underestimated by the public, while opponents argued the scrapping of the time limit will be difficult to implement and is disproportional.

Currently a person suspected of a paedophile crime can be prosecuted for up to 15 years after the crime, or until the victim turns 25.

Only genocide, war crimes and terrorist acts have no statute of limitations in Switzerland.

People's initiative

The people's initiative allows every citizen to propose a modification of the constitution. To be valid it must be signed by 100,000 people within a period of 18 months.

Parliament can directly accept the initiative. It can also refuse it or put forward a counter-proposal. In all cases a nationwide vote takes place.

A people's initiative needs a majority of the popular vote as well as the backing of a majority of cantons ( Swiss states)  to be adopted.




The Swiss Coordination Unit for Cybercrime Control (CYCOS) is the central office where persons can report suspect Internet subject matter. After an initial examination of the report and safeguarding of the data, the report is forwarded to the respective national or foreign law enforcement.

CYCOS also searches actively for criminal subject matter on the Internet and is responsible for in-depth analysis of cybercrime.

CYCOS as a competence center is available for the public, the authorities and the Internet Service Provider for any legal, technical and criminalistic question in the field of cybercrime. As the national coordination unit, CYCOS is the point of contact for centers abroad fulfilling analogous functions.

Registration Form


The registration form enables anyone who discovers suspicious and possibly unlawful Internet subject matter to report their discovery to the Coordination Unit for Cybercrime Control.

Attention, it is punishable!
The collection of evidence is a police matter. Please remember that the simple possession of child pornographic material will be prosecuted. For this reason, do not save (download) or print any material containing hard pornography, even not as a proof! Do not answer to announcements that may be punishable and do not search actively contents that may be prosecuted.

Who is behind paedophile crimes ?


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