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Social Credit international Congress in Quebec Sept 5-8 with week of study Aug 28 to Sept 4

Finally an international meeting for a good purpose.  If you go to this Social Credit Congress please take good notes and pass them on to the rest of us.  You don't have to be Catholic to attend -- you can even be a Moslem or a Mormon or a Methodist.   -- Dick Eastman (of Yakima, Washington)

International Social Credit Congress sponsored by the Pilgrims of St. Michael in Rougemont, a village in the province of Quebec in Canada
1101 Principale St.
Rougemont, QC, JOL 1 MO
(450) 469-2209
Rougemont is located within the Rouville Regional County Municipality in the Montérégie region about 18 kilometers southwest of Saint-Hyacinthe, due east from Montreal.   From the western US take Interstate 90 east to Interstate 87 or 91 to Montreal the Route 10 (shown) or enter Canada from Detroit and take their road 401 to Montreal. 
(Pilgrims of St. Michael is a 60-year-old lay Catholic Social Credit ministry serving people of all nations and creeds.  Their Social Credit website is
September 5th through 8th, 2009
Week of study from August 28 to September 4th.
We will have guests from the 5 continents represented, from Austrailia, New Zealand, the Philippines; from many countries in Africa: Madagascar, the Ivory Coast, Congo, Togo; from many countries in Europe, including Poland, France, and Switzerland; from South America: Ecudor, Paraguay, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, and El Salvador; the Dominican Republic, Mexic the United State and Canada.
1101 Principale St.
Rougemont, QC, JOL 1 MO
(450) 469-2209
Montreal area phone:
(450) 469-2601
The sponsor is a Catholic Ministry and the program will begin the Rosary and Holy Mass at St. Michael's Parish Church.
Maurice Allais, Professor of Economics at the National School of Mining Engineering in Paris, France and the 1988 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, had this to say, in his book "Les conditions monétaires d'une économie de marché" (The Monetary Conditions of a Market Economy p. 2):

 "In essence, the present creation of money, out of nothing, by the banking system is, I do not hesitate to say it in order to make people clearly realize what is at stake here, similar to the creation of money by counterfeiters, so rightly condemned by law. In concrete terms, it leads to the same results."

 Allais wrote too that the present international financial system is the biggest disinformation system in human history. The sons of darkness control this disinformation and crush the weak, often with the help of the ignorant of good faith. Let us unmask them, to give some fresh air amidst this general atmosphere of corruption.

And now wait for the next economic collapse...when local state municipals default on their bonds because they cannot balance their budgets. Of course the Federal Govt could bail out the local state Govt with paper money. But wait... is that not a moral hazard?  Nope.  The moral hazard facing this country is the FED simply because they are a lender of last resort -- last resort being another term for name-the-tune total monopoly of credit  money, of a product that costs nothing for the monopolist to produce.   
There is another business where you are allowed to ever diminish the hard product in place of a phoney replacement. Cocaine dealers do this all the time until a gram contains as little as 20% or 5:1Cocaine. This however, has more integrity than the 11% 9:1 Fractional Reserve Banking ratio. Work the answer out for yourselves...
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From Marie Anne Jacques, Secretary-Pilgrims of St. Michael

28 August up to 8 September

Invitation to the Social Credit International Congress.

How to implement Caritas in Veritate ? With the presence of one Cardinal and four Archbishops...

annexed document, pages in Tagalog. Social credit bank in pdf annex with imprimatur and nihil obstat,

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce our Week of Study and International Congress that will start on August 28th and run until September 7th. I am including in the attachment the scheduled activities that will be occurring during this time, as well as the plans for two pilgrimages to St. Joseph's Oratory and Our Lady of the Cape at the conclusion of the Congress. We are expecting people from all over the world to attend, with all five continents represented.

During our week of study, we will go over the "10 Lessons of Social Credit" in a step-by-step format with the author, Alain Pilote. There will be rest periods for discussion and questions. At the end of the Week of Study, we will have a day to speak about the local systems around the world, and techniques to apply this in your area. You will meet people who are key leaders in this field, and who were the founders of local systems in the Philippines, Madagascar, the United States and different parts of Canada. The weekend of the Congress will include presentations of each country; dignitaries from around the world will give us an overview of activities in their respective countries.

If it is possible, for the food, we recommend that you go to the store buy your necessary food, we have several stores that sell food in the nearby villages and we have a few small restaurants as well. Or, if it is possible, you may bring your lunches, we have several refrigerators for guest use. Lodging is here on the grounds, in our two houses, one for men and the other for women... or if you are only coming for the weekend, we may put you up in nearby monasteries, which is also free of charge. (Donations are appreciated).

Also, we have a dress code that we ask everyone to please follow: (as much as possible)

Women: please wear a skirt or dress with sleeves and collar (also, you may want to bring a sweater in case it is cool)

Men: please wear a jacket and long pants

Please confirm your reserveation as soon as possible, so that we can prepare your room.

Also, send us your itinerary so that we know when to pick you up at the airport.

May God bless you, and we hope to have you with us very soon!!!

Marie Anne Jacques

Secretary-Pilgrims of St. Michael

Social Credit and the Catholic doctrine, a study by nine theologians

Social Credit and the teachings of the Popes. A. Pilote

Social Credit is a philosophy of economic life. Louis Even

What is Social Credit? Practical Christianity!. Geoffrey Dobbs

Social Credit is the application of the Social Doctrine of the Church. Bishop Frankowski

For a better world, a Social Credit community. Louis Even

The primary objective of Social Credit: the blossoming of the human person. Louis Even

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