jeudi 6 août 2009

5th Annual Monetary Reform Conference held at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Sept. 24-27th.


AMI Monetary Reform Conference - 5th Annual

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

A really outstanding program is forming for the AMI 5th Annual Monetary Reform Conference held at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Sept. 24-27th.

This is an important conference, coming at an important perhaps pivotal moment in our country's history. But it's no good to just cry and complain about what's happening to our country; we have to take action. Strategy will be discussed openly without covering over the failure thus far of the Obama Administration to move meaningfully on the issues they promised and were elected on. They have not even attempted to do so, but instead gear themselves to not offending the political groups that allowed criminal financial elements to wreck the nations money and banking system, and charge off the costs to hard working American citizens. This is unacceptable behavior on the part of the administration, but is not surprising considering that the President is surrounded by Summer, Geithner and Emmanuel.

Come to the Conference to see what's being promoted by the best, public spirited minds we could find, to resolve the crisis. For those of you considering attending, you can see photos, bios and topics of our confirmed speakers to date at

It's very exciting! We do have a good time. The conference will focus on the solution to the nations monetary and unemployment crisis - the American Monetary Act; The reason why the three main elements of it are crucial to achieve together, and what can be done now. The conference will also demonstrate why "incrementalism" (begging for crumbs instead of demanding justice) does not work in the area of monetary reform, and is in fact very counter productive.

This is shaping up as our most successful conference to date, and to make participation easier, we are extending the $245 discount thru August 15th postmarks, after which it is $295 thru August 30th and then $395 after Sept. 1st. Act now - you'll feel better, save some money, and hopefully understand how to begin to save our country!

Warm regards to all,

Stephen Zarlenga

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