jeudi 20 août 2009

Alaska Dividend program was designed thanks to... Social Credit individuals. Come please to the social credit international congress

The Alberta Treasury Branch (Bank) was originally set up with the intention of establishing independent financial policies for the people of Alberta. 

This was to facilitate the Social Credit policy of supplementing consumer income without incurring debt. 

All of the enabling Provincial Legislation passed by the "Social Credit" Government in Alberta was declared ultra vires and thus disallowed by the Federal Courts and Privy Council. 

The Alberta Treasury Branch has functioned essentially as any other bank while catering somewhat to the needs of Alberta citizens.  Its operations have been quite orthodox.  My understanding is that although the ATB has not of itself been authorized to create money via loans  it has operated in that manner through collaboration with the existing banking system.  The ATB has not provided services which could be uniquely described as Social Credit in any genuine sense. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Alberta "Social Credit" experience, I would recommend a reading of the Hon. Alfred Hooke's book 30 + 5:  I Know, I was There.  During his career Alf held every portfolio in the the Alberta Government except the Premiership itself.   His book is available on request  in six PDF files of approximately five to six MB each.  However, the book can be viewed at the site of the Social Credit Secretariat in the United Kingdom at:  Social Credit Secretariat  I understand that the Alaska Dividend program was designed under the influence of some advice offered from Social Credit  individuals in the Province of Alberta.  I am afraid that the election of a Social Credit Party is no assurance that genuine Social Credit policies would be realized. 

There existed a "Social Credit" Party in alberta which commanded decisive majorities for over thirty years.  Through infiltration and betrayal the Party came to an inglorious end leaving no official authentic Social Credit heritage.  Preservation of that heritage was left to the non-Party supporters, principally in Australia, Canada and some in New Zealand, who maintained the original literature and message.  Douglas warned that the promotion of Social Credit via party politics would likely be the greatest disaster and his advice has proven to be entirely sound.  You do not look to party politics to enhance and realize principled policy.   Party politics is a power game and tends to discard principles for expediency.  What is needed in an educated, informed and militant public which takes upon itself the task of forming effective sanctions forcing the politicians to deliver the policies desired. 

This is action that is required NOW.


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