vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Mexico's spills. Tubular filters all along, improvements.

Mexico's spills. Tubular filters all along, improvements.

Some segments of textiles tubes can be semi vertical or even horizontal to improve the filtration of dangerous gazes, to test according to the conditions, speed, pressures, densities...with a eventually a vortex effect induced by the Archimedes's screws of the hard segments introduced in the flow to control it, the screws being clockwise, to counteract the Coriolis force in the northern hemisphere and maximize the filtration ( see first messages ).

The membranes can be Teflon coated polymeric or any suitable and tested sizes, micron or smaller with other varieties of materials, according to situations, currents, deepness, densities etc...

The separation is performed using all gazes coming out the wells depending on the membranes or textiles ( Gore TeX, Teflon, nets, sub nets, mosquito's net...) used and the solids settle in the lower head and outer skirt ( kind of trousers), curtains all along 1,5 km. The annular column and filters can be made of a variety of materials ranging from plastic, Kevlar, coated carbon steel to Titanium.

Some filters are vertical  with a conical lower head for semi-solids to accumulate in a circle and gazes to go in other circles, some horizontal for some portion if necessary.

This can accomplish even sub micron flirtations all along the tubes with waste streams due to high pressures and speeds.

At some deepness, more solid tubes with holes or without holes can be installed inside the  filtration's tubes with stronger suction effects, to be tested to improve collection.

Membrane's tubes are installed as a tube sheets to resemble a candle filter in some sections.

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