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Mexico's spills, improvements of our solutions

Plus la pression est forte et plus le système se bloque pour  augmenter l'étanchéité !

One of our robot is acting in a way as an improved blind rivet with pressures on the tubal sides.

This is mainly used when access to the joint is only available from one side.

In this case, we can choose two ways:

1) The less good solution, you close only the hole.

The strong rivet is placed in the hole and is set by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body, expanding the rivet body and causing it to flare against the reverse side. As the head of the mandrel reaches the face of the blind side material, the pulling force is resisted, and at a predetermined force, the mandrel will snap at its break point, also called "Blind Setting". A tight joint formed by the rivet body remains, the head of the mandrel remains encapsulated at the blind side, although variations of this are available, and the mandrel stem is ejected.


2) Our Swiss solution, you keep the well open, lowering the pressure problem.

Plus la pression est forte et plus le système se bloque pour  augmenter l'étanchéité !

Use of diamonds on the surface of the new tubes introduced by the robot to improve the friction.
Coriolis forces on the Archimedes's screws to increase the stability and the separation of gazes and petrol components

Blocking of wells, judo technique, using the HIGH pressure control.

A package of flexible tubal segments directed by pantographs open to
multiple directions of alignment is threaded through the base pipe of
the well. The mounting pressure will bring the device automatically
The pressure effect aligns the train of tubes made flexible and steerable in
the axis of the upper directional system.
From the first segment, while the train is fitted in the center of a
rod slightly conical controllable remotely by a hydraulic axis stepper

The central stem taper remotely pushes upward and runs up and depart
the train pipe to the desired depth for maximum strength. The pipe
walls made of pliable but resilient (e.g. hard lead or cast lead with diamonds ) and / or
stainless-steel slotted for a central segment will therefore be
pressed firmly against the other outer pipe already in place.

On this conical stem growing from the bottom-up, is disposed a
screw-type propeller helicoidal Archimedes screw, which initially
is blocked but let the high pression fluids pass,

Then, when desired by remote control, the big screw is released.

Under the effect of pressure, this will rise by departing along the axis of
cone rotation and will automatically block the well. The walls of
pliable but durable stainless steel or cracked and will definitely
locked and sealed. The extreme pressures require extreme metals.

Use of diamonds on the surface of the new tubes introduced by the robot to improve the friction.

An open valve connectible to the recovery pipe is among the top of the
train segments. It may help fine-tune the flow and recovery of the

A finer adjustment can be made by remotely controlling the central
conical axis along all segments, as many as necessary to resist to the high pressure
all along the first fixed old pipe already in place.

If the old pipe is horizontal, we need to fix roller bearings on the
perimeter of the first new segment entering and also fix metal rolls on the floor
at the entrance to facilitate the horizontal introduction of the new
train of segments.

Source solution :

Patent improved and adapted.

Abstract of WO 9218746  (A1)

A robot for sealing and blocking pipes which are subject to very high
pressure. The robot comprises a counter-pressure device below the main
blocking portion for simultaneously acting on the inner wall, at depth
in the pipe, by expansion caused by a single linear movement of a
tapered shaft in a cylinder having therein a tapered bore; said shaft
having a diameter which is 50 % greater than the difference between the
inner taper diameters of the two ends of the cylinder, which cylinder
has a slot running the full length thereof and is controlled by
hydraulic jacks; a centre pipe allowing oil flow and normalising the
upward pressure during the insertion process; and two pantographs for
centering the system in the well in spite of the very high pressure.
The high pressure in the well helps ensure blocking of the system.

Data supplied from the espacenet database — Worldwide

Parachutes to collect oil spills

Each parachute uses a configuration called disk-gap-band. It has 80 suspension lines, measures more than 50 meters (165 feet) in length, and opens to a diameter of nearly 16 meters (51 feet). Most of the orange and white fabric is nylon, though a small disk of heavier polyester is used near the vent in the apex of the canopy due to higher stresses there.

We add a textile goretex type pipe to each vent in the apex of each canopy, goretex to avoid gazes problems and to select them according to molecules sizes.

We can use as many parachutes as it is necessary to collect all pollutions, in a reverse cascade.

Most 80 suspension lines are fixed to anchors or concrete blocks around each leak.

Pioneer Aerospace, South Windsor, Conn., built the parachutes for testing and for flying on the Mars Science Laboratory.

Another huge parachute was formally installed on the re-entry capsule of Shenzhou-VI manned spaceship, ensuring its safe landing on earth.

The parachute was handmade, with 1,900 small pieces of cloth stitched together, and can endure maximum temperatures of 400 Degree Celsius. Its main parachute covers an area of 1,200 square meters.

Open letter to President Barack OBAMA to stop BP oil pollution now

Have you thought of the patent by Joseph FERRAYE used by the Halliburton, Red Adair, Boots & Coots, Wild Well Control companies in order to extinguish a thousand oil drill fires in Koweit in 1991 ? (Patent N° WO 9218746-A1 and US 1822140-A)

I was cheated out of billions $

I was cheated out of billions $

Mister president Barack OBAMA, we, at, are very shocked by what is happening to the southern coast of your country and particularly to the bayous of Louisiana, to the beaches and to the marine wildlife.

We don't understand all the time lost by British Petroleum company in rectifying  this catastrophe.

It seams that BP tried so many different concepts to pump all this mess instead of using immediately the patent of Mr. Joseph FERRAYE number : US 1822140 (A) that allows to permanently close a broken oil drill (which was the case for the thousand oil drill fires after their extinction in Kuwait in 1991)

The British Petroleum engineering management knows that the advantage of this patent is the fact that the more pressure you have in the drill the more the system blocks the drill which is exactly what is needed in the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe.

Mr. President Barack OBAMA, the British Petroleum Company is perfectly aware of this method and about the two patents of Mr. Joseph FERRAYE ; and we can't understand that they could say the opposite to you.

Mr. Joseph FERRAYE never received any royalty  for his two patents (N°WO 9219323-A1 and N°WO 9218746-A1) due to illegal banking transactions between banks in Kuwait, Switzerland, France and Off shores countries all under the control of the DEA management.

Never the less, Mr. Joseph FERRAYE would have been named as the recipient in a certain number of international banking transfers but a "cartel of international mafia businessmen" diverted the totality of his royalties which represent thousands of billions of dollars.

Mr. President Barack OBAMA, this amount of thousands of billions of dollars is not an error, this amount is perfectly correct, you just have to do a control with the DEA management which was in charge of this affair during this time (1991 to 1996/2001).

We, at, are sure that if this patent allows you to stop this BP oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, you Mr. President Barack OBAMA and your administration never forget to compensate Mr. Joseph FERRAYE and help him to recover billions of dollars stolen from him.

Plus la pression est forte et plus le système se bloque pour augmenter l'étanchéité !

Plus la pression est forte et plus le système se bloque pour augmenter l'étanchéité !
Lettre ouverte au Président Barack OBAMA pour stopper la marée noire de BP maintenant
Avez vous pensé au brevet de M. Joseph FERRAYÉ utilisé par les sociétés Halliburton, Red Adair, etc. pour éteindre mille puits de pétrole en feu au Koweït en 1991 ? (Patent N° WO 9218746-A1 and US 1822140-A)

Monsieur le Président Barack OBAMA, nous, chez, sommes très choqués par ce qui vient d'arriver sur a côte sud de votre pays et plus particulièrement aux bayous de Louisiane, aux plages et à la faune marine.

Nous ne comprenons pas tout le temps perdu par la compagnie British Petroleum pour réparer cette catastrophe.

Il semble que BP a essayé beaucoup de concepts différents pour pomper toute ce brut à la place d'utiliser immédiatement le brevet de M. Joseph FERRAYÉ numéro  : US 1822140 (A) qui permet de fermer définitivement un puits de pétrole accidenté (ce qui était le cas des milles puits de pétrole en feu après leur extinction au Koweït en 1991)

Le management des ingénieurs de British Petroleum savent que les avantages de ce brevet consistent dans le fait que plus vous avez de pression plus le système bloque le puits ce qui est exactement ce dont BP a besoin dans la catastrophe du Golfe du Mexique.

Monsieur le Président Barack OBAMA, la compagnie British Petroleum est parfaitement au courant de cette méthode et des deux brevets de M. Joseph FERRAYÉ et nous ne pourrions pas comprendre qu'ils puissent vous dire le contraire.

M. Joseph FERRAYÉ n'a jamais reçu aucune royaltie pour ces deux brevets (N°WO 9219323-A1 & N°WO 9218746-A1) à cause de transactions bancaires illégales entre les banques de Koweït, de la Suisse, de la France et de pays Offshores, le tout sous le contrôle du management de la DEA.

Malgré cela, M. Joseph FERRAYÉ aurait été nommé comme récipiendaire dans un certain nombre de transferts bancaires internationaux, mais un "cartel mafieux de businessmen internationaux" à fait disparaitre la totalité de ces royalties qui représentent des milliers de milliards de dollars.

Monsieur le Président Barack OBAMA, ce montant de milliers de milliards de dollars n'est pas une erreur, ce montant est parfaitement correct, vous avez juste à faire un contrôle avec le management de la DEA qui était en charge de cette affaire sur cette période (1991 to 1996/2001)

Nous, chez, sommes certains que si ce brevet vous permet de stopper la catastrophe de la marée noire de BP dans le golfe du Mexique, vous Monsieur le Président Barack OBAMA, et votre administration n'oublieront jamais de compenser M. Joseph FERRAYÉ, sans oublier de l'aider à retrouver les milliards de dollars qui lui ont été volés.

La vidéo ci-dessus a été censurée la veille de l'émission de Julien COURBET et n'est donc jamais passée sur la télévision française.


VIDEO : 16 juillet 2010, la société BP aurait stoppé les fuites "définitivement" - A la vue de cette vidéo ne pourrait-on pas "deviner" que le système utilisé correspond au brevet de M. Joseph FERRAYÉ ?

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