samedi 8 mai 2010

Statement of deep Concern about Nonoy Aquino...



We feel very much betrayed. 

The clergy have encouraged us the laity to take the lead in defending the culture of life. But now, with the support of many clerics for the Presidential bid of Noynoy Aquino, the rug is being pulled right from under us. 

Don't the clergy and the religious see the inherent dangers of an Aquino Presidency? He is known to be pro-choice, pro-RH, pro-population control. He has shown arrogance in dismissing the Catholic position. He is gleefully supported by Ang Ladlad and by the PLCPD. The people around his campaign are known supporters of contraception and population control. 

What is it that they do not see? 

Is their support for Noynoy because of their love for Ninoy and Cory? We too love Ninoy and Cory because they thought that the Filipino is worth dying for. They defended us against evil forces, and gave their lives in the service of the Filipino people. But Noynoy's legacy will not be the same. Marriage, family life, the bearing and raising of children for God's Kingdom will not be the same with a leader who adopts a permissive attitude on basic life issues. The Right to Life is paramount, without which no other rights can follow. One who does not honor God's plans for procreation will eventually dishonor the elderly; and their professed love for the poor will become shallow play-acting. Noynoy's thin camouflage of euphemisms cannot conceal what he and his anti-natalist allies are contemplating.   

What is it that our clergy and religious do not see? 

Ah, but if they do see, and still they persist in supporting Aquino, then that is what is of the deepest concern to us. 

What has happened to righteousness? "Righteousness exalts a nation" (Prov 14:34a, RSV). Do we turn a blind eye to what is wrong? Can anything justify the support of a candidate who will be a serious threat to the culture of life? 

The anti-life and anti-family forces are already in our nation, and are poised to go all-out in assaulting the culture of life. Reproductive health, according to Hillary Clinton, is abortion. And the goal of the powerful forces of the USA and others is to make abortion a universal human right. We are talking here about the murder of the unborn. We are talking here about the holocaust of the innocents who are being sacrificed to Baal. 

We can accept that Satan is our enemy. We can accept that the forces of ideological homosexuality are our enemy. We can even accept that there are many dissident Catholics who are the enemy within. But our own beloved priests and nuns? Our hearts are broken in sorrow. We are being betrayed. 

We pledge to continue the fight for the culture of life in our nation. We know that the forces of darkness continue to intensify and gather strength. Our nation is the final battleground. This is about our destiny to be God's light in Asia and to the world. We will continue our work of renewing the family and defending life. 

We affirm our loyalty and obedience to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict the XVI. We are faithful Catholics, strictly adhering to the Church's teachings on family and life. We urge our bishops to speak clearly, especially to those who are entrusted with our pastoral care. 

May the Lord have mercy on us. May the Lord bless and protect our nation. May our Mother Mary keep us in her tight embrace. May the Holy Spirit guide us in the way we are to go. 

Done in May, 2010, in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Frank Padilla of CFC Foundations for Family & Life.


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